Coming from a fine art background, my methods are never predictable. My inspiration can come from anything I’ve seen and become obsessed with. For instance, work I created around molecular structure and geometric patterns evolved from a visit to the Wellcome Collection’s From Atoms to Patterns exhibition, and general love of 1950s prints in the context of science. After looking at different cut diamonds and the facets for geometric patterns, I created a collection based on the C60 molecular structure. I love the idea of contrasting this with pearl inlay and nature’s equally beautiful wood.

The enamel pin collection was quite literally inspired by my pin board of inspiration, which included various weird items such as my geek obsession with looking at types of different brick patterns.

Simple and practical, the leather bags were created somewhat selfishly after I couldn’t find what I was wanted at a reasonable price (and according to friends, they couldn’t either). I love the fact that I have sourced the leather and fittings – right down to the rivets and brass bars (which were bent by hand with a custom-made jig) – from local and small businesses in the UK.

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